A business relationship based on confidentiality, professionalism and honesty.

At Purely Automotive Recruitment our business relationship is based on Confidentiality, Professionalism and Honesty. Our unique service allows us to meet with all our clients and gain a greater understanding of their business needs. Our role at Purely Automotive Recruitment is to exceed the business needs and requirements of our clients. Regular communication and contact is the key to resolving any issues quickly and without delay.

Save yourselves time and money when allowing us to recruit the right staff for you.

You will be allocated your own dedicated Recruitment Consultant to look after your business needs and only the most suitable applicant CV’s will be sent you.

The Purely Automotive Recruitment Process

Purely Automotive Recruitment offers a bespoke personal service creating tailor made recruitment solutions for the Motor Trade and Automotive Industry.   

The services Purely Automotive Recruitment offers to clients is summarised as follows:

Once we are briefed on any open vacancy or opportunity, we will meet with the client face to face to establish the needs, requirements and expectations of the client’s business.

We will utilise our candidate registers to identify the ideal profiled candidate qualified for the role.

Should an ideal profiled candidate qualified for the role already exist on our candidate register then this can be introduced to the client immediately without delay.

Where this is not the case, the vacancy is registered, posted to the web and can be marked pending an application to the register at a post date. Depending on the urgency of the client’s situation, the vacancy can be advertised.              

Purely Automotive Recruitment provide additional services to clients and can help manage the recruitment process by:

  • Formulating vacancy specifications and preparing advertising drafts before submission.
  • Providing an advertising service to attract suitable calibre candidates via various websites and media platforms.
  • Taking the advertisement response and preselect the most appropriate candidates before arranging interviews.
  • Undertaking of in depth interviews, skills testing, aptitude tests.

Purely Automotive Recruitment office also has an answer-phone for leaving messages out of office hours or alternatively clients can email us at: info@purelyautomotive.co.uk


Purely Automotive Recruitment operates in a manner of total confidentiality. As a result of the way they undertake confidential business negotiations, they do not obtain formal references. This is always the responsibility of the client at the appropriate time.   

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