Citroën introduces British Sign Language at its dealerships

Purley Automotive News - August 2021

Citroën has introduced the use of British Sign Language (BSL) at its dealerships.

With more than 11 million deaf and hard of hearing people in the UK, Citroën has partnered with SignLive to offer its video relay service across its 190-strong sales and aftersales network. SignLive allows deaf and hard of hearing users to communicate using British Sign Language through a video feed linked to a live, fully qualified interpreter.


The move has made Citroën the first automotive manufacturer to do this in the UK.

Citroën has also pledged to enhance accessibility for the deaf community, including BSL representation across its UK advertising, as part of the brand’s ‘The French Car that Speaks your Language’ initiative.

Eurig Druce, managing director of Citroën UK, said: “At Citroën we are inspired by our customers, and this philosophy is at the root of our ‘The French Car that Speaks your Language’ campaign.


We understand the needs of our customers and work to exceed those expectations through our products and services. By partnering with SignLive, we once again demonstrate how our customers inspire our thoughts and actions as we improve the way we serve deaf and hard of hearing people. The nationwide adoption of SignLive across Citroën UK’s retailers will transform the car buying process for thousands of motorists, ensuring that it’s not only our products that deliver comfort and serenity for all – the customer experience does as well. “British Sign Language is used by 150,000 people in the UK, and as a brand, we recognised the need to do more for our customers. We are very proud at Citroën, to be the first manufacturer to offer this new level of customer service and hope the rest of the industry follows in our footsteps. Each one of our retailers now uses SignLive, making our network premises more accessible and inclusive than ever before.”


To optimise access across Citroën UK’s retailer network, all employees have received training to ensure they can operate SignLive’s services with ease.


Joel Kellhofer, CEO of SignLive, said: “The process of purchasing a car has, up until now, been inaccessible for the deaf community, with retail experiences on the whole a regular challenge for deaf and hard of hearing people. It is great to see a leading retailer like Citroën make a positive change to provide British Sign Language users with access to interpreters for support on their car-buying journey, totally free of charge. We’re delighted to support Citroën and all of its dealerships throughout the UK in making this massive change.”

Article courtesy of published on 3rd August 2021